The ultimate training solution for timekeeping in sports.


All in one solution.​

The heart of our suite. Use it as a standalone athlete data log or connect with one of the other tools to take advantage of its unprecedented possibilities. Automatic timekeeping, manual entry or video tagging, many options are possible.


The ultimate stopwatch.

A stopwatch that makes the impossible possible. This stopwatch records, stores and shares all its recorded data. Not just one athlete, but even several athletes or even complete teams. With a connection to CoachTIMING the possibilities are almost unlimited.


Anyone can see it.
Am I on schedule or should I go faster? The answer is given with the CoachDISPLAY. Make your screen visible on the stadium or a connected LCD screen and everyone knows what to do.


Taking times is mobile.
Use automatic timekeeping anytime, anywhere. With the CoachTIMER this is now the present. Create your setup and let the device do its work and do not miss anything.