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The training tool for coaches

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A handy solution for sports facilities. With multiple coaches active at the same time, use the timing loops and run your own training program. The CoachLINK is the solution for sports facilities that use MyLAPS X2 or multiple MyLAPS P3 systems. When the coach opens the laptop and starts CoachTIMING, it immediately shows the active timing loops and asks whether you want to connect. Convenience serves the coach. Any configuration is no longer required.
The connection to automated timing
CoachTIMING has been developed to connect with MYLAPS ProChip (Portable, Smart and TableTop) decoders. In combination with the Detection Loop and the ProChip, CoachTIMING brings automatic timing to the next level.
Get the most out of your training data and say goodbye to your stopwatch. CoachTIMING software turns MYLAPS training data into valuable (live) insights for sports coaches and athletes.