What we already knew is now known to the world!

What we already knew is now known to the world!

A whole new world but no less spectacular

Since the announcement on 7 June of the partnership with MYLAPS, there has been a lot of interest in our CoachSUITE. Various disciplines within the sports have shown interest in the possibilities that CoachTIMING software can offer. Together with the CoachWATCH app we offer a valuable addition to the current way of coaching and giving feedback with accurate times. What we already knew is now known to the world!

During the well-attended Webinar on 10 June, we had interested participants from all continents. Not only from sports but also from education, legal and government. Wherever there is training, there is a need for solutions that make ordinary, everyday operations simpler and more efficient.

We also met a new group of super athletes who train hard, eat well and rest, but currently do not benefit from the direct feedback. These are horses, trotting and racing. They also participate in competitions where times are important and they are prepared for this by their trainers on a daily basis. A whole new world but no less spectacular.

After a visit to the trotting track in Wolvega, a few online sessions in the USA and the last visit to the largest trotting horse owner, we have become much wiser about the way of training and guiding horses.

This will certainly be continued….

Partnership with MYLAPS

Partnership with MYLAPS

New coaching software turns data into insigths

MYLAPS partners up with Studio2 offering coaching software to get extensive training insights: Get the most out of your training data and say goodbye to your stopwatch!

The newly launched CoachSUITE turns MYLAPS training data into valuable (live) insights for sports coaches and athletes. The coaching software was developed by Dutch sports tech company Studio2 together with MYLAPS, offering this tool to all coaches, tracks, and federations that strive to get the most out of their training sessions. Initiator Ronald Stolk is an experienced software architect and a former talent coach of the Dutch national team in Triathlon and Open water swimming. Co-owner Robert Slippens is a 4-time Olympic track cyclist and former national cycling coach of the Dutch federation.

CoachSUITE can be used in all cyclical sports where timing matters, like cycling, athletics, swimming, speed skating, and horse racing. The tool is compatible with all MYLAPS ProChip decoders and shows insights on a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or screen along the track. Lap and section times of multiple athletes can be used for immediate feedback or analysis after the training. CoachSUITE is a plug-and-play tool: all you need is access to the local MYLAPS decoder network – no timing staff required!

CoachSUITE Webinar

Got excited and want to learn more about CoachSUITE? Join our free webinar! Do you want to learn how CoachSUITE works and how you and your organization can benefit from the possibilities? Join our 60-minutes webinar on Thursday 10 June, 4:00 PM CEST.